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5 tips from a Pro on how to maintain your hardwood floors from Danzco Hardwood Flooring Installation

So what's dirt made up of and what makes it a threat to your hardwood floors? Well, there are many contributing factors, but, I will keep it simple. Floors are the first victim of an assault by dirt dust. Whether we track it in with our shoes or it blows in from a window, it all settles on the floor. Then, when we walk on them, we are pushing the dirt deep into the crevices of the wood. The elements of dirt can range from organic matter to harsh chemicals. As an example, tiny particles of soil found in your home will contain standard components such as clay and sand as well as chemical-based products like dyes, oil, salts, etc. The sand and dirt will scratch your hardwood while chemicals will eat away at their finish and structure. This kind of assault can cause discoloration as well.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

I recommend the following simple tips to all my clients:

  1. Use rugs or mats at the door
  2. Clean your hardwood regularly - especially the foyer, which should be cleaned a couple of times each week
  3. Avoid excessive water, such as a mop and bucket because too much moisture can be harmful
  4. Consider using misting spray mops with clean mopping pads
  5. Regular restorative deep cleaning can protect and extend your floor's life

Our clients revive their floors shine and luster with an annual restorative buffing that fills in minor scratches and provides an affordable, convenient alternative to sanding, refinishing or replacement. This service actually extending the life of the hardwood by reducing UV light fading and by creating a protective barrier so that dirt and grime are easily removed at the surface level and do not penetrate the "pores" of your floor. Contact us for more information.