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extreme humidity levels may damage your hardwood floors

Very high and very low humidity levels each present dangers to solid and engineered hardwoods.

all you need to know about vocs (volatile organic compounds) in polyurethane floor finishes

VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds are carbon-containing chemicals that are labeled "volatile" because they evaporate easily at room temperature, thereby entering the air we breathe. VOCs can be naturally produced by plant and animal processes or manufactured by humans.

wood flooring refinishing tips

Hardwood floors are both beautiful and elegant; wood floors never go out of style and they last for years—sometimes up to 100! Unless there’s structural damage, your wood flooring should only need refinishing to freshen and renew them.

5 tips from a pro on how to maintain your hardwood floors

Dirt and dust on any surface are messy, but when it's on wood flooring, it can also be damaging. Here, I'll share some interesting facts on how dangerous it can be and some preventive tips to extend the life of your hardwood floors.

hardwood floors increase the value of your home

"Most homebuyers nowadays expect hardwood," says Andy Ross of All Hardwood Floors, hardwood floor installer and refinisher in Norwalk, Connecticut "They want things move-in ready, and don't want to do any work.