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Danzco Hardwood Flooring has built a reputation base on quality, performance and value.
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Hardwood floor installation services

Not Only Stylish But Durable, Too

Today, homeowners are looking for flooring products that are not only stylish but durable, too. People want a flooring material that will stand up to daily wear and tear.

While there are many flooring options in the market, hardwood flooring is one of the durable options available and stands out from the rest. You can never go wrong with installing a new hardwood floor in your home. No matter the type of hardwood floor you install, you can rest assured of longevity as well as the unmatched natural beauty that can perfectly match any décor.

Do It Correctly The First Time

When looking for a contractor to install your hardwood floor, you want someone who will do it correctly the first time. You don't want a company that will do the work and then disappears overnight. Furthermore, you want an installer who is conscious of your convenience and time. In Maryland State, your best bet is Danzco Hardwood Floors. We're an established company with a commitment to provide you with professional hardwood floor installation services.

Due to their durability and longevity, homeowners prefer installing hardwood floors in every room of their home. From unfinished to prefinished floors, including but not limited to, oak, pine, cherry and maple. We can install all types of hardwood flooring.

Add-On On Your Existing Hardwood Floor

If you're looking to add-on on your existing hardwood floor, our installers are experienced and highly trained in the art of seamless transition by weaving and color matching. Our hardwood installation process involves material acclimation, preparation of the job site, and finally installation of the chosen material.

We install all hardwood floors to industry and product standards and ensure your complete satisfaction. Let us provide you with the ultimate appearance that brings beauty and adds value to your investment.

Installation Services

Our flooring experts will work with you right from the point of choosing the right hardwood flooring that works for your budget to the installation phase. Our other installation services include:

  • unfinished & pre-finished
  • engineered flooring
  • luxury vinyl plank
  • steps, treads & risers
  • medallions & borders
  • shoe molding & transitions
  • floor wooden vents

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We are here to help you enjoy all of the above benefits.

If you want to change or install your hardwood floors you can contact us. We offer flooring services both for domestic and commercial purposes. Sustainable excellent work is all we strive to achieve all the time. We are more focused on giving our customers value for their money. Every time you choose to get our services you make the best decision. You will love the experience. You can contact us and get a free quote for your work from us.

Warranties & Care

2 Year Labor Warranty

Industry state law requires a 1 year labor warranty. However, Danzco Hardwood Flooring goes above and beyond with serving our customers with a 2 Year Labor Warranty.

Cleaning Guide
Use a micro fiber mop in combination with the Bona cleaning system. Regular use of a swifter.

Why Refinish Your Hardwood Floor

  • Enhance it’s longevity and durability
  • Make the space more livable while elevating it’s status
  • Boost your home’s value
  • Protect it from costly water and moisture damage
  • Dramatically decrease the number of scratches, dents and imperfections
  • Provide your floors and stairs with an even color and finish

When To Refinish Your Hardwood Floor

  • You pour a spoonful of water on your floor and it soaks into the wood, rather than form droplets that rest on top of the wood
  • You start to notice fading, dullness or discoloration of the wood
  • After water damage or major moisture damage, which causes the boards to cup and / or separate
  • You notice lots of scratches, dings and dents

How To Care For Your Refinished Floor

  • Keep them free of water, dirt, grit and sand
  • Regularly sweep, swiffer and vacuum
  • Wash floors with a slightly damp mop using warm water and mild dish soap
  • Refrain from using wet mops or steam mops, which will damage the finish
  • Avoid vinegar, and oil or silicone based products, which may be corrosive or abrasive