wood flooring sanding and refinishing

Hardwood floors, wear out over time as a result of normal wear and tear, foot traffic and the elements. However, the fact that your floor has sustained damage or looks worn does not mean it's over. Professional hardwood floor sanding and refinishing will repair some damage, discoloring and will bring your existing floors back to life.

Unlike other floors, hardwood floors can be brought back to their original beauty without replacement, to once again make your living spaces more attractive and comfortable with the professional hardwood floor sanding and refinishing services from Danzco Hardwood Floors!

Not happy with the color of your existing hardwood floors, your style has changed and the current color of your floors doesn't fit the liking of your new style? Don't delay, Danzco Hardwood Floors can refinish existing wood floors with many available stain colors and sheen options to achieve the look and style you prefer.

Danzco Hardwood Floors will sand your floors down to the bare wood, removing all existing stains and/or finishes. Once the process of sanding is complete, Danzco will move forward with applying the appropriate top coats, this process starts with the desired color/look the customer wants to achieve.

At Danzco we have a range of floor stains that start from the natural color of the wood, light, medium and dark colors. Our staining professionals work with our customers applying samples to achieve the final stain/color desired by our customer. Once the natural or stain sealer is applied and dried the final top coats get applied. Finish coats consist of oil/modified polyurethane, water base finishes and Glizta finish. These products come in sheen finishes from matte, satin, semi-gloss and hi-gloss.

Danzco works with the customer to achieve the finish coat sheen most desirable to the customers style, look and feel of the home. Depending on the final product chosen as a stain and finish coats will determined time frames required to complete such processes. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to discuss time frames and processes to help see our customers through the process from beginning to end.

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Warranties & care

2 Year Labor Warranty

Industry state law requires a 1 year labor warranty. However, Danzco Hardwood Flooring goes above and beyond with serving our customers with a 2 Year Labor Warranty.

Cleaning Guide

Use a micro fiber mop in combination with the Bona cleaning system. Regular use of a swifter.